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Does your company have a proper strategy on taxes? Have you stopped thinking about how important and delicate matter are taxes these days?

Audentia has a team of professionals who are dedicated to monitor changes in taxation environment and how these matters impact your organization specifically. With strict adherence to legal tax framework, Audentia considers taxes with a global focus, allowing us to make available our deep understanding of the subject to ensure that your business will always be in compliance with current legal requirements.

International Tax Planning is also a key aspect when a client has several branches in different locations. Out international expertise can help you put your company in the right path with a global view, always with strict adherence to legal tax framework.

Our firm offers customers according to their needs:

  1. Income Tax Return preparation.
  2. Review of returns prepared by client, including the review of the methodological basis used and the calculations performed.
  3. Specific analysis of the impact of new tax laws and regulations on your company.